Our shop range include modern vertical gardens that will work well both in the office and in the apartment.

These types of compositions made of artificial plants do not require any care. We don't have to worry about sun exposure, watering or dust. All our mats are antistatic and therefore do not need to be cleaned. It is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers! Undoubtedly, Vertical Gardens are a great idea for people who care about greenery in the room, but at the same time do not have time for complicated care.

Product made in the EU

Modern vertical gardens, atificial green wall/ mats - panels in the sizes 60x40 cm or 50x50 cm (depending on the model).

The backing of each mat is made of a flexible plastic mesh. The mesh is easy to install and cut. Trimming of the mats is possible even with ordinary scissors. Thanks to this, you can cut them to any size and non-standard shape. We recommend installation in a recess so as to cover the side edge of the mesh (about 0.4 cm) or finish it with finishing strip.

How to order?

- Before placing an order, carefully measure the size of the area on which the vertical garden is to be located.

- The number of mats should be recalculated, taking into account the reserve for cuts to the full size of the panel.

- The base of the mats is made of flexible mesh and is about 0.4 cm thick.

- We recommend taking into account a suitable recess or installing a finishing strip so that the mesh is invisible.

- When the mats are in direct contact with the wall / ceiling / floor / skirting board etc. there is no need to install an additional finishing strip.

Before placing an order, please send an e-mail to check the stock


Installing the mat


1. Before starting the installation, we recommend that the surface on which the mats are installed is painted black. This eliminates the possibility of eventual clearances in the mat structure and additionally gives a greater depth to the green wall.

2. The installation itself can be done in several ways, depending on the surface. If the surface is soft enough, such as gypsum board or osb sheet, it is enough to use an upholstery stapler.  

3. If the wall is hard (brick, etc.), use wall plugs and hang mats connected to each other on the plugs.