Honeycomb Wall Art made of medium green reindeer moss in a plywood frame


Honeycomb Wall Art made of medium green reindeer moss in a plywood frame

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Modern Wall Art made of reindeer moss in a honeycomb plywood frame , hand made art.


Honeycomb art, which can be hanged on the wall in various combinations, creating really interesting compositions.

A perfect solution for all those who want to effectively diversify their interiors and add a leading decorative element to them. This is extremely fashionable and fancy wall decoration. In addition, the moss absorbs sound so that the rooms are muted. Norwegian moss from our distribution comes from the north forests. The lichen used to create the image is a 100% natural product and is not grown in the laboratory.

A perfect and unique gift for someone special.

Benefits of having decorations made of moss:

- The moss does not need to be watered or nurtured

- It has a good effect on home air quality

- Good sound isolator

- It is antistatic so it does not accumulate dust

- Regulates humidity

- It is pleasant to touch and smells like forest

- Hypoallergenic

- It looks extraordinary

Wall art made of medium green reindeer moss - H 28,5 cm x W 33 cm x D 9,7 cm

Wall art made of Norwegian reindeer moss medium green, the picture is made in a honeycomb plywood frame. To create the picture we use only the original Scandinavian Reindeer Moss Premium quality (1st class). Product with high-quality workmanship.

Key advantages of preserved moss.

  • Indicator for air humidity
  • 100% nature: our reindeer moss panels consist of 100% real, preserved moss
  • 0% care: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary 
  • Evergreen: lasting for many years due to permanent preservation
  • Water shy: reindeer moss panel must not be watered 

Creation: Hand made moss image

Purpose: for walls

Dimensions: H 28,5cm x W 33 cm X D 9,7 cm

Moss structure: pinnate, consisting of clumps

Type of lichen: reindeer moss medium green

Image weight: approx.2,5 kg

Order processing time: up to 7 business days

Brand:  Preserved Moss