Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green 150g Box


Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green 150g Box

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Preserved Pillow Moss/ Bun Moss/ Ball Moos

Pillow moss / bun moss or so-called ball moss is the most popular moss in our range, this type of moss is the absolute Number One among our clients.

Preserved Bun Moss / Pillow Moss can be used to create unique 3d green walls - preserved moss walls, vertical garden. The pillow moss available in our store is a 100% real, it’s a natural moss of the highest quality, moss is obtained through manual harvests from the private forests of French Alps.


Beware of cheap moss!!!!

Our Premium Moss is preserved in a special solution based on glycerin and dyed in BIO dyes, which makes it very soft to the touch and retains its properties for many years, while cheap moss is preserved icheap salt - it is very dry

Please do not confuse our Premium Quality Real Preserved Alpine Moss with some cheaper moss of unknown origin available from competition or on trading platforms.

Pillow moss is used to create unique vertical gardens, green walls, moss walls. Bun moss is ideal for florists & wedding decorations, it is used to create exclusive, modern 3d, interior finishing elements such as gardens in the jar, moss wall art. and Kardashian style moss bowls.

Each box contains a mix of small, medium and large moss pillows.

The moss is ready to use, just take it out of the box and apply some hot glue to the back of it. The moss is packed in large wholesale boxes 60cm x 60 cm x 10 cm, each box covers a surface of 0.5-0.6 m2, and smaller boxes of 150g ( 25cm x 25 cm decoration surface ) for smaller projects, the moss is aesthetically arranged, cleaned of most impurities. The pillow moss is ready to use after being removed from the box.

Advantages of pillow moss:


- maintenance-free,

- long - lasting

- safe,

- relaxing,

- natural three-dimensional bumpy structure,

- varied structure,

- natural and juicy color

- quick creation of decorations


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The moss is intended for indoor use, it is not weatherproof.


How much of Pillow moss do you need for 1m2?

The box of 150 g covers an area of ​​approx. 25 x 25 cm

Information about shipment:

Box: 30x15x10 cm 

Moss weight: approx. 150 g ( net )


Brand:  Preserved Moss