Purified Reindeer Moss Apple  Medium Green 0,5 kg FINNISHPurified Reindeer Moss Apple  Medium Green 0,5 kg FINNISH 

Purified Reindeer Moss Apple  Medium Green 0,5 kg FINNISH


Purified Reindeer Moss Apple Medium Green 0,5 kg FINNISH

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Premium Preserved Finnish Reindeer Moss.

This is our top quality reindeer moss designated for a moss walls.

Unlike other Reindeer Mosses, Finnish Reindeer Moss is designated as premium moss because it's top layer is denser, richer, his clumps are larger and also this moss have more even color.

As it is the highest quality Preserved Reindeer Moss, we use it to create green walls, moss wall panels and moss wall art.

This moss it's harvested only from private forests in Finland, its cultivation and harvesting does not affect the natural environment.

Our moss has been permanently preserved, it is maintenance – free, it's color is obtained as a result of dyeing with natural BIO dyes, which gives it a unique, natural, color and allows it to to keep it softness for many years.

Preserved Reindeer Moss is used as a decorative element in interior design industry, flower arrangements, as decoration at weddings and when creating moss panels - green walls or moss wall art.

Advantages of Polar Reindeer Moss:

- maintenance-free,

- long - lasting

- reindeer moss filters the air

- high sound insulation coefficient

- high anti-static properties

- safe

- relaxing

- natural three-dimensional bumpy structure

- varied structure

- natural and juicy color

- quick creation of decorations


If you have problems placing an order we are at your service - write to us at sales@preservedmoss.co.uk

The moss is intended for indoor use, it is not weatherproof.


How much moss do you need for 1m2? 

To cover 1m2 with a dense, compact and 5-7 cm high layer of reindeer moss you need about 6,5 - 7 kg of moss. 

Information about shipment:

Carton dimensions: 40x20x10 cm

Brand:  Preserved Moss