Moss in interiors - a unique design potential for people who value uniqueness
Preserved Moss - For Decorations And Green Walls
A wonderful Zen-like bowl of medium green reindeer moss
Preserved Moss

Kardashian style reindeer moss bowl.

Purified FINNISH Reindeer Moss Spring Green 100g  Bag
Preserved Moss

Premium - Purified Finnish Reindeer Moss Spring Green - 100 g Bag

Reindeer Moss 5 kg Wholesale Box - Purified - Spring Green - Norwegian
Preserved Moss
£142.99   £124.99

100% Real Preserved Premium - Purified Reindeer Moss Spring Green Large Wholesale 5kg Box NORWEGIAN

Honeycomb Wall Art made of spring green reindeer moss in a plywood frame
Preserved Moss
£54.95   £49.95

Reindeer Moss Wall Art spring green in a in a plywood honeycomb frame 28,5 x 33 cm

Painting - Wall Art made of spring green reindeer moss in a 52x52 cm black wooden frame
Preserved Moss
£120.00   £104.99

Reindeer Moss Art Picture spring green in a black wooden frame 52x52 cm

Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green XL Wholesale Box
Preserved Moss
£149.99   £134.95

Premium Bun/ Pillow Moss Medium Green Color - Wholesale box for about 0.5 m2- one box will give you 100x50 cm of moss surface

Premium Preserved Flat Moss Medium Green 200g Box
Preserved Moss

Premium Flat Moss/ Forest Moss Medium Green Color - One box covers approx 0.2 m2 of surface ( 50 x 40 cm )

Reindeer moss wall panel 50x50 cm / acoustic moss panel | color - spring green
Preserved Moss
£119.99   £104.95

Premium reindeer moss panel 50 x 50 cm, easy installation. Spring Green Color

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In our online store you can purchase the highest quality, real preserved moss for DIY moss walls, moss for creating various types of decorations, ready-made moss walls (divided into smaller panels for easier installation and safer transport) and unique hand-made moss works of art.


Why us.

- Only natural products of the highest quality

- Many years of know-how about moss.

- We make moss panels - green walls ourselves.

- Always large amounts of moss in stock.

- Safe, SSL encrypted payments.

- We accept most Payment Cards and PayPal (with buyer protection program)

- There is no minimum order.

- Fast Shipping - door to door delivery.

- Individual and wholesale clients welcome.


Green moss walls are currently one of the most popular trends among top interior designers.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Choose an original look - choose a preserved moss!

In We believe that living close to nature gives you real happiness.  Our company promotes the idea of ​​ interiors of the future, among the greenery with healthy air. We emphasize the high importance of the presence of plants in our lives, without the syndrome of sick buildings and inhabitants tired of their lives.

All products available in our store are of natural origin. Our moss comes from private plantations in the far north of Europe. Only natural organic dyes are used for its coloring. We only sell carefully selected real moss of the highest quality. Our moss is soft, durable and maintenance-free.

Please do not confuse our natural preserved moss with cheap dried or artificial moss available on eBay.

Preserved is also a manufacturer of decorative moss wall panels/ acoustic moss panels - green walls.

Moss walls are made for people who want all the beauty and tranquility nature has to offer without the hassle and constant maintenance that traditional plants can require.

From this:

To this.


And this:



Our moss wall panels are handmade by our team of experienced florists. We approach each order individually, paying attention to details. As a result, we deliver a product of the highest quality. Each order is a real work of art from what nature has given us.





The genius of this product lies in its incredible strength and plasticity. It looks great on large surfaces, creating green walls and impressive vertical paintings. Equally beautiful, dignified and subtly blends in with smaller decorations, fanciful bouquets and arrangements of street furniture.



100% Natural

100% real natural Reindeer Moss (Cladonia rangiferina) is soft and pleasant to the touch.



Scandinavian moss does not require any care. It does not need light, watering or pruning, because it is permanently preserved.



The moss has anti-static properties. Does not collect dust.


It cleans the air!

Throughout the entire cycle of absorption and release of moisture from the environment - air is filtered.



Moss does not cause allergies. It does not contain toxic chemicals and is safe for children and animals.

Humidity indicator.

The reindeer moss dries out when the air humidity drops below 40% and becomes soft when the humidity is above 40%, i.e. standard humidity in rooms where there are people.



An excellent sound absorber. Absorbs vibrations up to 2x more than other 3D panels of the same size and thickness.


In harmony with nature. 

Our Moss comes from Scandinavian plantations and is collected in accordance with applicable regulations. Natural dyes are used to obtain colors.