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Preserved Moss - For Decorations And Green Walls
Painting - Wall Art made of pillow and flat moss in a 54x54 cm old wood frame
Preserved Moss
£145.95   £115.95

Moss Wall Art - Pillow & Flat moss picture in a old wood frame 54x54 cm

Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green 150g Box
Preserved Moss

Pillow Moss/ Bun Moss Medium Green Color

Premium - Swedish Reindeer Moss Light Green 5kg  Wholesale Box
Scandinavian Moss
£115.99   £89.95

Swedish Reindeer Moss Wasabi Light Green Color Large Wholesale 5 kg Box

Premium Preserved Flat Moss Medium Green 100g Box
Preserved Moss

Premium Flat Moss/ Forest Moss Medium Green Color 100g

Reindeer moss wall panel 50x50 cm / acoustic moss panel | color - spring green
Preserved Moss
£125.99   £89.95

Premium reindeer moss panel 50 x 50 cm, easy installation. Spring Green Color

Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green XL Wholesale Box
Preserved Moss
£139.99   £114.95

Premium Bun/ Pillow Moss Medium Green Color - Wholesale box for about 0.5 m2- one box will give you 100x50 cm of moss surface

Purified FINNISH Reindeer Moss Spring Green 100g  Bag
Preserved Moss
£8.95   £6.95

Premium - Purified Finnish Reindeer Moss Spring Green - 100 g Bag