Moss in interiors - a unique design potential for people who value uniqueness
Preserved Moss - For Decorations And Green Walls
Purified FINNISH Reindeer Moss Spring Green 100g  Bag
Preserved Moss
£9.95   £7.95

Premium - Purified Finnish Reindeer Moss Spring Green - 100 g Bag

Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green 150g Box
Preserved Moss

Pillow Moss/ Bun Moss Medium Green Color

Reindeer moss wall panel 50x50 cm / acoustic moss panel | color - spring green
Preserved Moss
£119.99   £99.95

Premium reindeer moss panel 50 x 50 cm, easy installation. Spring Green Color

Reindeer Moss 5 kg Wholesale Box - Purified - Spring Green - Norwegian
Preserved Moss
£142.99   £124.99

100% Real Preserved Premium - Purified Reindeer Moss Spring Green Large Wholesale 5kg Box NORWEGIAN

Painting - Wall Art made of spring green reindeer moss in a 54x54 cm old wood frame
Preserved Moss
£165.95   £139.95

Reindeer Moss Art - Spring green moss picture in a old wood frame 54x54 cm

Premium Preserved Pillow/ Bun Moss Medium Green XL Wholesale Box
Preserved Moss
£149.99   £134.95

Premium Bun/ Pillow Moss Medium Green Color - Wholesale box for about 0.5 m2- one box will give you 100x50 cm of moss surface

Premium Preserved Flat Moss Medium Green 100g Box
Preserved Moss

Premium Flat Moss/ Forest Moss Medium Green Color 100g

Latest Products
Bun & Flat Moss Painting - Wall Art made of Pillow/bun and flat moss in a 50x40cm bamboo wood frame
Preserved Moss
£139.95   £114.95

Pillow/Bun Moss & Flat Moss Wall Art - Painting mix colors in a bamboo wood frame 50x40 cm

Painting - Wall Art made of dark green reindeer moss in a 50x40cm bamboo wood frame
Preserved Moss
£139.95   £114.95

Reindeer Moss Wall Art - Painting dark green in a bamboo wood frame 50x40 cm

Painting - Wall Art made of pillow moss in a 54x54 cm old wood frame
Preserved Moss
£165.95   £139.95

Moss Wall Art - Pillow Moss picture in a old wood frame 54x54 cm

Painting - Wall Art made of spring green reindeer moss in a 50x40cm bamboo wood frame
Preserved Moss
£139.95   £114.95

Reindeer Moss Wall Art - Painting spring green in a bamboo wood frame 50x40 cm

Painting - Wall Art made of pillow and flat moss in a 54x54 cm old wood frame
Preserved Moss
£165.95   £139.95

Moss Wall Art - Pillow & Flat moss picture in a old wood frame 54x54 cm

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We will change your interior!

It is the end of boring white walls.

Moss walls and moss decorations are currently one of the most popular trends among top interior designers.

Our range include highest quality, real - natural preserved moss for green walls, moss for creating various types of decorations, ready-made moss wall panels and unique hand-made moss works of art with deliver to your door.  

Wholesale and retail customers welcome.


Why us.

- Only natural products of the highest quality

- Many years of know-how about moss.

- We make moss panels - green walls ourselves.

- Always large amounts of moss in stock.

- Safe, SSL encrypted payments.

- We accept most Payment Cards and PayPal (with buyer protection program)

- There is no minimum order.

- Fast Shipping - door to door delivery.

- Individual and wholesale clients welcome.


Preserved Moss 

This is natural moss in which, right after the harvest, the juices were replaced with specially prepared solutions, the main ingredient of which is glycerin. This allows to maintain the softness and beauty so typical of fresh plants - mosses for years. The entire preservation process is environmentally friendly. Only natural organic dyes are used for its coloring. The preservation process stops moss in time, and therefore moss does not needs care or watering it is 100% maintenance free.

Preserved moss can be used in any room with little sunlight, from office buildings to apartments, houses, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, swimming pools and SPA salons.

There is no need to explain to anyone that a logo is a key element of the visual identity of any company or brand. It is not only nice, modern graphics, but above all a medium of information about the nature of the company and its values. Building an eco-image of the company, being eco has become not only a fashion, but also a duty in recent years. Our society is already aware that the daily choices of each of us have a huge impact on the future of the environment and the entire planet. 
A LOGO made of or surrounded by moss will have a powerful message that care for the environment is one of the main priorities of the company, that the company is environmentally friendly - which will certainly be remembered and will have a positive perception of the brand in the eyes of both the company's customers and employees.

In addition to natural lighting, plants are the most desirable element in offices. It has been proven that the right amount of greenery not only improves the quality of our work, but also increases work productivity by as much as 20%. People feel happier in a green environment and stress is reduced. Thoughts become more creative, vitality and energy return, which makes the employee more effective and desired by the employer.
The use of preserved moss in offices, e.g. conference rooms - in the form of vertical walls or paintings - will therefore bring nature as close as possible to a working person and at the same time reduce the costs of maintaining greenery to a minimum.

Home - our oasis of safety, a space that fulfills the desires of rest, relaxation, sometimes even an escape from everyday life. Stabilized moss will not only add ecological and natural expression to our walls, but will also be a relief for the body and senses. 


From this:

To this.


And this:



Our moss wall panels are handmade by our team of experienced florists. We approach each order individually, paying attention to details. As a result, we deliver a product of the highest quality. Each order is a real work of art from what nature has given us.



Delivery to other countries is possible, please contact us by e-mail to arrange delivery details. 



The genius of this product lies in its incredible strength and plasticity. It looks great on large surfaces, creating green walls and impressive vertical paintings. Equally beautiful, dignified and subtly blends in with smaller decorations, fanciful bouquets and arrangements of street furniture.



100% Natural

100% real natural Reindeer Moss (Cladonia rangiferina) is soft and pleasant to the touch.



Scandinavian moss does not require any care. It does not need light, watering or pruning, because it is permanently preserved.



The moss has anti-static properties. Does not collect dust.


It cleans the air!

Throughout the entire cycle of absorption and release of moisture from the environment - air is filtered.



Moss does not cause allergies. It does not contain toxic chemicals and is safe for children and animals.

Humidity indicator.

The reindeer moss dries out when the air humidity drops below 40% and becomes soft when the humidity is above 40%, i.e. standard humidity in rooms where there are people.



An excellent sound absorber. Absorbs vibrations up to 2x more than other 3D panels of the same size and thickness.


In harmony with nature. 

Our Moss comes from Scandinavian plantations and is collected in accordance with applicable regulations. Natural dyes are used to obtain colors.


Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Choose an original look - choose a preserved moss!