Purified Reindeer Moss Red 0,5 kg FINNISHPurified Reindeer Moss Red 0,5 kg FINNISH 

Purified Reindeer Moss Red 0,5 kg FINNISH


Purified Reindeer Moss Red 0,5 kg FINNISH

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Red reindeer moss. The weight of moss in a box is about 500g. The moss is packed loosely. According to the manufacturer, a 500g net moss box will cover approximately 0.1 m2. In practice, for an untrained person about 0.075m2. Maximum use per 1 m2 should be up to 7.5 kg thick, compact and 5-7 cm high layer. Reindeer moss is collected from the forests of Finland. It is a 100% natural product.. The moss is purified and contains trace impurities in the form of needles. The product has been permanently preserved, and its  color was obtained as a result of dyeing with natural Bio dyes.

Due to the ease of applying moss, it is used as a decor when creating various products such as: moss panels or moss pictures.

Premium Finland Reindeer Moss – Red

Purified Reindeer moss in Red color. Unlike Norwegian moss, Finnish moss is designated as premium moss because its top layer is denser and richer and also has an even color, which does not discolor  over time.

What is reindeer moss?

Our moss comes from Finnish forests, Its name: reindeer moss is due to the fact that it is the main food of reindeer, although some believe that the name is due to the structure of the reindeer resembling reindeer antlers.

 Red Reindeer Moss comes from Finland and belongs to the most desirable moss species in the world. The product is completely natural and has undergone a natural impregnation process, and the color obtained as a result of dyeing with preparations of natural origin.


The use of moss:

Preserved moss is used in floristry, decorating and architecture in interior design. Due to the ease of applying moss, it is used as decor when creating various products such as: moss pictures, moss coffee pads, moss logos on the wall in offices or jewelry making.

It is mainly used as moss panels for the wall, also known as " green moss walls". Increasingly, they are used as an element of interior design giving "this flavor" both in private homes and on the walls of the spa or beauty, hairdressing and diet parlors as well as in eco salons, modern rooms, bio restaurants, offices or shopping centers as arrangement walls.

 Reindeer moss has always been used also for Christmas decorations, wreaths, terrariums or mockups (boards) from which trees are created.

  It is a completely maintenance-free product that does not require watering, fertilizing or pruning. It also doesn't require light. It can also be grown in basements! Scandinavian Reindeer Moss is a less demanding plant than a cactus. Reindeer moss is a very strong plant because it does not need contact with the ground. A minimum humidity is enough for the moss to remain velvety soft and retain a lush green color. A green wall made of reindeer moss will keep its natural color and velvety soft down to the touch if we provide it with 40-60% air humidity. This is the standard humidity that is found in every home where people stay, through which water vapor from the exhaled air is naturally produced.

  What's more, reindeer moss filters the air particles throughout the entire absorption and release of moisture from the environment, thus purifying the air!

 Reindeer moss is often used in rooms with higher humidity, e.g. in bathrooms, because it has hygroscopic properties, thanks to which it absorbs moisture, depriving the environment of unpleasant odors and fungi that arise.

However, these are not all the great features that decorative moss has to offer ...

 The moss also has a high sound insulation coefficient, thanks to which it is able to mute the room from a few to several decibels. Therefore, it is often used as a lining material for office space partitions. In addition, the green color calms the eyes and creates a feeling of close contact with nature and this improves the overall mood of the person.

 Reindeer moss also has high anti-static properties. In other words, no dust or even building dust settles on it. It does not need to be cleaned/vacuumed, it does not collect dust.

 The moss has also undergone a process of preservation, so it is not an obstacle to the well-being of allergy sufferers: it does not dust and does not grow. It also does not contain any toxic chemicals, because it is a plant that lives in forests and would die when it comes into contact with such substances.

How much moss do you need for 1m2? 

To cover 1m2 with a dense, compact and 5-7 cm high layer of reindeer moss you need about 4.5-5.5 kg, A 500 g carton covers an area of ​​0.1 m2.

Information about shipment:

Carton dimensions: 40x20x10 cm

Packaged loose.

Moss weight: about 0,5 kg

Brand:  Preserved Moss

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