Purified Reindeer Moss Red 2 kg FINNISHPurified Reindeer Moss Red 2 kg FINNISH 

Purified Reindeer Moss Red 2 kg FINNISH


Purified Reindeer Moss Red 2 kg FINNISH

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Red reindeer moss. The weight of moss in a carton is about 2 kg. The moss is packed loosely. According to the manufacturer, 2 kg of moss is sufficient to cover approx. 0,5 m2. In practice, for an untrained person about 0.4 m2. Maximum usage per 1 m2 should be up to 6.5 kg of dense, compact and 5-7 cm high layer. Reindeer moss is collected from the forests of Finland. It is a 100% natural product and is not grown in laboratories. The moss is purified and contains trace impurities in the form of needles. The product has been permanently impregnated. Due to the ease of application, moss is used as a decor when creating various products such as: moss panels or moss pictures.

Brand:  Scandinavian Moss